Thursday, October 11, 2012

Date-Sheet B.A / B.Sc. / B.Com. Final, M.Ed. 2nd Sem., OTMIL Courses

Maharshi Dayanand University Rohtak issued the following Date-Sheets and the same are available on the official website of the University

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  1. Building Notice for B.A / B.Sc. / B.Com.
  2. Date-Sheet of SHASTRI III Gurukul & MDU SCHEME
  3. Date-Sheet of B.COM FINAL
  4. Date-Sheet of B.COM III HONS
  5. Date-Sheet of B.A / B.SC FINAL
  6. Date-Sheet of M.Ed. 2nd SEMESTER
  7. Date-Sheet of PRABHAKAR
  8. Date-Sheet of PURAV UTTAR MADHMA II
  9. Date Sheet of BA BSC III HONS