Friday, August 5, 2011

Result M.Sc. (Bio) Courses


The result of the following examinations held in May, 2011 has been declared on 4.8.2011 :- 

1.         M.Sc.-2nd Sem. (Bio-Chemistry)
2.         M.Sc.-2nd Sem. (Genetics)
3.         M.Sc.-2nd Sem. (Bio-Technology)
4.         M.Sc.-2nd Sem. (Agriculture Bio-Technology)
5.         M.Sc.-2nd Sem. (Medical Bio-Technology)
6.         M.Sc.-2nd Sem. (Bio-Informatics)
7.         M.Sc.-2nd Sem. (Forensic Science)
8.         M.Sc.-2nd Sem. (Environmental Bio-Technology)
9.         M.Sc.-4th Sem.  (Bio-Chemistry)
10.       M.Sc.-4th Sem.  (Zoology)
11.       M.Sc.-4th Sem. (Environmental Science)
12.       M.Sc.-4th Sem. (Genetics)

The result is available in the University Website:   
(Dr B.S. Sindhu)
Controller of Examinations